Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August 2017 in review

Hello everyone,

My time has been consumed by the angel which I totally enjoy, no big deal.  So this is late but not forgtten.  This month we didn't do much.  Yesenyah had a couple of outings cause her mom is growing a little less anxious about taking her out.  She has done an awesome job on all of our outings.  It's all about the timing.  

She had her 1st outing to a friends house.  It was Eds birthday & he was having a BBQ so we went over to celebrate without a problem.   We always said having a baby wouldn't impair our life just change it a little.   

She so had a lot of visitors again this month.  Thanks  everyone for visiting.   This month we even went out without her dad.  I was a nervous wreck but we both did SO well.  We are SO blessed.   

Our God sons birthday was this month & she enjoyed herself there as well. It was her 1st kids birthday party.   

I got on my workout grind again this month but then at the end of the month we got hit with that heat wave.  No fun. One of the drawbacks of having a home gym is the heat & cold.  I gotta figure something out.  She has been an angel hanging out while I was working out.  In the beginning of the month we even enjoyed walks but the weather put an end to that really quick.   

So we have had a non eventful month but totally enjoyed it.  We LOVE being parents.  It's awesome  

Stay blessed people.  We do and go to church every Sunday to praise him.

I still haven't figured out why I can't post pictures on here so please forgive all the post  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July in Review

I LOVE to update my blog..it keeps me and everyone else informed about what is going on in our lives, but this task I set for myself is getting harder & harder.  I set aside a time to do it and she needs me for one thing or the other.

Yesenyah is an exceptional baby.  SO doesn't require to much but to be cleaned, burped & feed.  She just needs one of these things done when I'm about to sit down at the computer & take a time out for myself.  Thankfully she has an awesome dad that steps in.

Hmmmm....let me TRY to remember this month.  It was an awesome month.  I can't believe we are half way through the year.

So Kelly was here visiting and to meet Yesenyah.  From the Tuesday after Yesenyah's birth until the 8th of the month.  Having her here was a HUGE benefit.  Not having to worry about dinner & spend quality time with Yesenyah was definitely a positive.  Thankfully after she left my parents kicked in with meals and helped out.  All this help is a HUGE relief.

So we didn't have to many visitors because I was BIG on having limited visitors around the baby because of the fact that her immune system was/is SO week as a newborn.

We have had some family & friends visit though.  I have been posted.  Everyone is welcome to come visit...we have meet the 6 week mark that I was SO big on.

Its CRAZY and AMAZING having a baby around the house.  Being a mom is the BEST feeling ever.  I can't describe it or pin point it to you.  Its just a feeling.  The best feeling in the world.  Like, I thought I knew what LOVE is but, its something SO much bigger then I ever thought.  Being a mom puts A lOT into perspective.

I am also so happy because we went back to church after 4 weeks,  I haven't been able to attend for 5 weeks & that was driving me CRAZY.

Also, my cousin Raul Rubio has a life threatening condition.  So my whole family took off too be by his side in Arizona.  It broke my heart that we were not able to go.  I just couldn't see myself doing a 6 hour drive with an infant :S It broke my heart :S  thankfully he is getting better slowly but surely.  we just ask that everyone keep praying for him.  He is going to be another testament of the power of prayer.  #prasieGod

Having trouble withy blog :S it used to be so easy to post pictures & now they won't upload :S
I'm also having trouble uploading things to the Cotco Website....hence why we haven't sent out announcement cards at this point :S I'm thinking we may just wait & do family pictures at 6 months & there is always the 1 year pictures...just over debating stuff :S

Overall we have had a really laid back month.  People ask me all the time how things are going & I feel like they are going just fine.  No horror stories for this lady thankfully.  My pregnancy went smoothly except the last 3 weeks & my minor complication at delivery.  Other then that its been a good summer SO far.  I hope everyone else has had a good summer as well.  Stay blessed people.

Friday, June 30, 2017

April, May & June review #lasttrimester

Hello everyone.  I hope everyone has had a good spring.  Mine has been blessed & we  are so excited to be moving into the summer :) Especially because our blessing is due June 11th :) #notanxiousanymore,moreexcited:)

The last 2 months have been a big blur for me.  Just a whole lot of baby prepping going on over here. So I will try my BEST to recall what has been going on in our life & recap it :).  April was fun & all about the princess.  I was blessed to have two baby showers.  My church hosted one in which the princess was spoiled.  Then it was Easter & we spent the day at my parenst house with the family.  Then my parents hosted another one at their crib where we were SO blessed & SO loved :) 

 Church baby shower 
 Baby shower at my parents house was SO plush :) 

At this time I was already 34 weeks.  Everyone says I am SO small even the nurses at the doctors office.  I beg to differ :S Im the one caring this extra weight around and the extra 23lbs.   Im beyond thrilled that I bet my weight goal.  My overall weight goal was to stay between 25-35lbs and at 38 weeks I weighed in at 23lbs.  This weight has stayed the same up until the end.

Random 3D/4D pictures of the angel at 30 weeks 

Then at 35 weeks we decided to go on a baby moon & headed to Palm Springs.  we LOVE our little get aways & this will be in our future with the princess & friends that have kids :)  It was cool that it landed on the 5 de Mayo holiday & our timeshare had availability.  Like I said our timeshare the way it is, is the BEST investment EVER :) I was a trooper & still able to hang out all night.  I amazed myself :) I've always mentally told myself I would be all good until 37 weeks.  Which I have been.  No horror stories in this pregnancy.  Its been all good up until recently :S I am SO uncomfortable these days :S
#nopictures #thelast3weeks:S

Then it was mothers day weekend & my moms birthday so I spent time with the family.  My neice/God daughter did her holy communion that weekend as well.  
Then the following weekend was friends/fams birthday :) So we went out to dinner for Rashads birthday in long beach at a Greek food place :) I hung out all night again & didn't get home until 2am :S at this point I was about to be 37 weeks that Sunday.  So, I decided to have my last BIG outing for Lisa's birthday.  Thankfully she had friends over at here house in Rancho Cucamonga which isn't that bad at all :) So, as it was my last outing I didn't get home until 3:30am :S I was SO amazed :) but then I turned into a huge baby... I was officially 37 weeks & everything hit me at once :S Everything I never experienced and people asked me about was happening :S Morning sickness, acid reflex, back pain & a whole lot of discomfort.  These days everyone says to walk which is a whole lot easier said then done... LOL But, I still get to moving :)  The good thing is my garden still gets my attention.  In  the process of trying to maintain it :) We have a whole lot growing out there.  Bell peppers, JalapeƱos, strawberries, cherry tomatoes. aloe vera, green onions, cucumbers. squash.  We had to take down our bundle of greens so I need to add that back out there, but not right now.  We even have Avocado trees growing from the seed.  I wonder sometimes what am I doing out there :S but, I enjoy being productive :)

Ellie Isabellas Holy Communion

Even I got to celebrate mothers day this year :)
Mothers Day 2017
Garden, Avocado trees, Green Onions, Bell Peppers, strawberries, JalapeƱos, Cherry tomatoes, aloe Vera

Then things started to slow down for us thankfully cause I couldn't take any more. At least everything  was FUN :) 

Then my brother came on 5/31/2017.  I was SO excited to see him & meet Samuel for the first time :) Joey & Claire are adorable too and are getting SO big already

So when he got in town I went to go see him and the family :) then naturally he had plans with his family & I didn't get to join in cause I have NO energy :S So I missed a couple of family outings/get togethers :S Like, a pool party in Irvine, a family dinner at downtown disney an outing to lego land, adventure city & medieval times:S all the fun stuff, but I am too far in my pregnancy and only focused on getting this baby out safely :) SO I am bummed, but nothing I could do about it :S

Sonia. Lizz, & Joseph -me  #poolparty
pool party - Samuel.  He was there just didn't make it in the picture.

These people got disneyland in & the rest of the family meet up with them later at downtown Disney for dinner.

On Sunday 6/4/2017 I was able to get the word in :) SO happy that at 39 weeks I was still able to go, and it was the first Sunday of the month, so it was a Holy Communion Sunday 
#perfecttiming #prayingforasmoothdelivery:)

The nursery has been complete for several weeks now :) The princess is beyond blessed ;) Thanks to all of our family & friends :) She has SO much cloths #alotarehidden We only had to invest in the dresser, everything else were gifts :) Thanks mom & Dad, Vanessa, Tiffany & Alex, the church everyone :) Thank you for everything :) Also, thank you to my wonderful Fam that came to help set up last minute things.  Thanks, Gabe, Sean, Isaiah, Jamila,Zoe #muchappreciated:)

We did a make shift maternity shoot :) Brandon wasn't big on this & I wanted a picture to capture the moment so we just used the camera on the phone and took a couple of shoots :) 

38 weeks pregnant :) 

Now we are just anxiously awaiting her arrival :) At this point I am beyond curious and anxious to meet her.

My brother spent a whopping 10 days here & I didn't want to miss all the family activities, I had to get something in :) So at 39 weeks & some days I joined in on another pool party my family had :) It was fun and I am SO glad I had enough energy to go :)

Oh I forgot to mention that at 38 weeks I got to go pamper myself :) 

This baby doesn't seem to want to make her way out :S The doctor has been talking about the possibility of Induction which I SO do not want for several reasons :S So, I have been getting my walk on, taking vitamins, doing sumo squats, using my exercise ball.  Doing everything and anything to try to get her out naturally.

It is now June 13th 2017 and I am technically 3 days past due :S I am scheduled to be induced on 6/14/2017 if my water deposit break before then.  I know everyone has their opinions about induction SO do I, but it is what the doctor recommended.  I am assuming they know what they are talking about.  At some point your placenta stops working and your fluid levels drop so they have been monitoring me for that.  I SO do not want to get induced but I would much rather be safe then sorry.

This overall has been April, May & June :) 

Now we have the pleasure of introducing to the world 
Yesenyah Esperanza Williams
#Angel #Blessing #Miracle

8lbs 2 oz7 20 inches long born on 6/14/2017 @ 8:10pm

There is her name people.  We waited to announce it at birth.  So, many people were mad and everyone was guessing.  We LOVE her name and LOVE that it is SO unique :) 

Everyone is amazed that I had an 8lb baby.  Even I am SO amazed.  
Its So hard to believe she was delivered naturally.  I amazed myself.  Delivery thanks to God went smoothly it wasn't too painful.  I expected it to be more painful then what it was. I opted to get the epidural.  It is HIGHLY suggested.   
At delivery we had a minor complication.  The placenta was stuck so I had to go in for minor surgery and have a DNC done.  I have one of the best doctors in the world :) I have been able to move on with my recovery without a problem.  

We came home Saturday morning 6/17/2017 and we are in the easy stage.  She is such an easy baby.   With a head full of hair :)  She hardly cries unless she is hungry or dirty and pretty much just eats, sleeps and goes to the bathroom.  #EasyStage

Then it was fathers day, Brandons first so I got this shirt for Yesenyah to wear.  I felt it was appropriate & my parents came by :) 
appropriate fathers day gift
He is the Man :) 
 Fathers Day card 
#Best dads get promoted to grandpa :)
She is a character :) 

Brandons mom came for a visit shortly after the baby was born & stayed with us for 3 weeks.  6/20/2017-7/8/2017.  Her presence has been a huge blessing.  We are getting sone good southern cooking in which is one less thing to worry about :)

Ok I don't want to overwhelm you guys too much with all the pictures.  I am enjoying being a mom & totally enjoying her :) I haven't been posting much to Facebook because my time is consumed by her & we aren't real big Facebook fans when it comes to her. so I will be updating you her on my blog monthly :) I hope everyone has had a good summer thus far, we are :)
Stay blessed people :)